Hands on with LCARA
September 21, 2020

Hands on with LCARA
7:00 PM

We had 14 persons in attendance.  Begun with a special awards ceremony. Awarded
Honorary Memberships to  Willie & Herman Hamilton for the generosity in providing
LCARA a place to meet for our Hands on and meetings when we could not use the 1st
Christian Church Community room due to the virus lock down.  They also hosted our Fish
Fry this year a great time and fellowship.  They are extremely wonderful people and
we are thrilled they are a part of LCARA.

Program:  Grounding & Bonding
Speaker:  Donald AC4DM

  1. Ground Rods why they are important to Ham Radio?
  2. Copper wire.
  3. Aluminum.
  4. Ground bus out of a breaker box.
  5. Bonding why it is important to Ham Radio?
  6. Split bolt (a.k.a. gurneys).
  7. Ground straps how to make and what they are used for.
  8. How to make ground strap for a piece of old coax cable.
  9. A bit of fun put the end of the coax in a mason jar to prevent fire.
  10. What is a lightening arrestor and why it is important?
  11. Talked about radios, most these days have a built in ground system.
  12. Grounding tower legs.
  13. Zener diodes what they are and how they work.

Is grounding important?  Yes, keeps radio equipment safe by bleeding off static

Grounding on the outside, Bonding on the inside joins all the components together.