Hands on with LCARA
Hands on with LCARA     Monday,  December 21, 2020

Topic:   APRS
Presenter:  Austin KY4DAG

What is APRS?
Automatic Packet Reporting System

Frequency is:  144.390 for the USA

Topics covered in the presentation were:

Equipment:  EX:  HT Kenwood THD74----Yaesu FT-3DR and others.

Cell phones, computers can be interfaced with APRS-IS side as well as TNC's to
interface with transceivers. KPC-3, purpose built devices, digipeaters, iGATE, beacon,
Dstar D-RS show up in APRS.

Smart phone and other devices can connect to a Blue Tooth TNC APRS email radio
with APRS droid.

Computer program  Pinpoint APRS, Xastir, UISS.

SWSID's are used so you can use multiple devices with or without conflict  they
consist of A- & A number ex: 1-15 to your call sign.

Symbols:  correspond to map etc.
Beaconing: can be manually or automatic, transmits location and data.

Paths:  WIDEn-N path   most common is wide1-1, wide 2-2 as packets are relayed.

APRS-IS internet side
Satellites:  ARISS up  NAISS down--APRS on the ISS  frequency for ISS packet

Any licensed Amateur can use.

Go to APRS.org for more detailed information.