Weekly NETS held on 146.880 2 Meters
Pulaski County   Weather Net   Sunday Nights 8:30 PM hosted by Ben  KK4JPX , Lloyd
Simplex Emergency Net 146.880 Simplex Frequency, after the Sunday night Weather Net
Hosted by Ben KK4JPX
LCARA 2 Meter Emergency Net   Tuesday Nights 8:30 PM hosted by  Wanda  WM4LM ,  Brian
NET held on 145.010 Packet Net Sunday Nights 7:30 PM hosted by  Ben KK4JPX
NET held on 28.350 USB 10 Meters  (alternate 28.355)
LCARA 10 Meter Emergency Net   Thursday Nights 8:30 PM hosted by  Ben KK4JPX,

Note:  Guest host for these Nets  are:  KN4VXS, KY4BDP

Note: all times are Eastern.  
All Ham's welcome to Check-IN.     73's
If you have pictures from events or meetings and would like to share
email to:  Thanks.
Our LCARA club meetings are held on the 4th Monday of each Month:  attend the meetings and get
involved in the club and all its various activities.  Our meeting location is  The Community Room, 1st
Christian Church Somerset KY 42503 we are usually there by 6:30PM, From - 7:00 PM  to 7:30PM VE
testing or general conservation. Meeting begins at 7:30PM.
All amateurs are welcome, should you wish to become a member see the printable application on this
website and follow instructions.
August 1, 2020 *88*
August 15, 2020 Monticello/EMComm

Hands on with LCARA***
August 17, 2020

VE Testing *
September 25, 2020

LCARA Meeting *
August 24 27, 2020

Fish Fry
August 29, 2020 location to be

*Community Room
1st Christian Church
1115 Hwy 39
Somerset, KY 42503

**Fellowship Hall
1st Christian Church

*** 45 Crabapple Lane
Somerset, KY 42503
Friday- July 24, 2020 VE Test.
6 VE'S
9 Candidates
11 Elements administered
Results: 5 Techs. 2 Gen. 1 Extra

New Fund Raiser:
Call Sign laser cut Steel
$30.00 each
See:  KK4YUG for order.

Note: $10.00 will go to the
LCARA club projects funds.
Officers for August 1, 2020 to July 31, 2021

President:   AC4DM
Vice President:   KK4JPX
Secretary/Treasurer:  WM4LM
July 2020

Whew!  Have we been busy.  
1.  New BridgeCom Repeater has been purchased and
being prepped for installation with a CAT controller.

2.  EmComm Trailer has had lots of extra's put in place
and other features added.  Have had several special
workdays to get this prepped and ready for the
decal/wrap and the special event station at the local
Somernites Cruise in September.

3.  June 2020 Field Day was a great success, largest turn
out ever.  Lots of food, fun, and fellowship, had stations
set up with several operators and one special 9 year old
young lady doing 3rd party contacts.

4.  Our Dead Pool  ended on July 20, 2020 with no one
having chosen that day the monies reverted back to the
club and has been added to the Decal/wrap project.

5.  Dstar up and running at the 88 site and another one
planned for the Monticello site.  Dstar nets on Thursday
nights starting with early check ins at 6:30 PM.

6.  Plans for Monticello, 6 meter, 220, 10 meter and
Dstar repeater and more.

7.  Next Hands on with LCARA will be August 17 we will
be making RF cables.  W0MD Dr. Scott Wright a former
LCARA member is now practicing in Minnesota and is
interested in doing a Hands on with LCARA project via

Our election of officers followed this July meeting and
they are posted at the top of this page.

Any questions or comments please email WM4LM