Weekly NETS held on 146.880 2 Meters
Pulaski County   Weather Net   Sunday Nights 8:30 PM hosted by Ben  KK4JPX , Brian KY4BDP.
Simplex Emergency Net 146.880 Simplex Frequency, after the Sunday night Weather Net
Hosted by Ben KK4JPX and Brian KY4BDP
LCARA 2 Meter Emergency Net   Tuesday Nights 8:30 PM hosted by  Steve KK4YUG, Austin AC4AG, Wanda  WM4LM as fill-in
NET held on 145.010 Packet Net Sunday Nights 7:30 PM hosted by  Ben KK4JPX
NET held on 28.350 USB 10 Meters  (alternate 28.355)
LCARA 10 Meter Emergency Net   Thursday Nights 8:30 PM hosted by  Ben KK4JPX

Note:  Guest host for these Nets  are:  KN4VXS, KY4CKP

Note: all times are Eastern.  
All Ham's welcome to Check-IN.     73's
If you have pictures from events or meetings and would like to share email to:  Thanks.
Our LCARA club meetings are held on the 4th Monday of each Month:  attend the meetings and get
involved in the club and all its various activities.  Our meeting location is  The Community Room, 1st
Christian Church Somerset KY 42503 we are usually there by 6:30PM, From - 7:00 PM  to 7:30PM VE
testing or general conservation. Meeting begins at 7:30PM.
All amateurs are welcome, should you wish to become a member see the printable application on this
website and follow instructions.

Wow! next workdays for the sites we have lots to get done--fix the one anchor with the problem.  Add more antennas  at Monticello.  At the 88 cut back  folage around the guy wires, reset the clock, and add some fine tuning on some equipment.  Always something to do in order to stay safe and keep equipment running right--remember we like to eat afterwards.

Our You Tube seems to be gaining about 100 new members monthly,
Thanks Perry Brother's.  Go to our website and click on
YouTube watch and enjoy, click on the Facebook link and see what is
being posted there lots of info at both places and while you are there
take a look at the rest of the site.

Our membership we have lost several members due to non-renewal,
SK's, however; we have several prospective members and remember you don't have to have your Ham licenses to join, however; we hope this will triger an interest and you make the leap and get that license.

Hey! hey! hey! the cross band repeaters are coming along projected time
for finish is April 2024 just in time for the Gravel Raley

We have a new Community/Youth Committee chair KD6FTR, who will
be filling in for KY4CLB, who is taking time off to get his EMT training.

Will fill you in next month about the Christmas Dinner with our very
own Santa again this year.  And yes! Virginia there is a Santa Clause.
So you better watch out he is making a list and checking it twice.
Be good, have fun, be safe and stay warm.  This is your reporter,
saying see you in December for more from LCARA.


Howdy One and All,  looks like our Fall weather has left us in the cold  for a few days.  Stay warm.

Well as you all know this is the news from our November meeting.

We had a great one with 7 members and 2 visitors--who are prospective new members.

Our VE test session on the 24th we had 2 candidates, administered 4 elements  and resulted in 2 New TECH'S, both from Morehead Collage.  Seems one of their instructors advised them to get their Amateur  Radio Licenses.

Looks like we had a lot of caretaking going on at both our repeater sites this month.  Monticello--got the time reset, anchors checked out, one needs some help--litte concrete will help and another tie point, otherwise they are all still plumb.  Mighty 88, All star checked out.  The clock got reset,  however; it was the day before we changed time, thus making us 1 hour off. Talk about adding a DTMF8 in order to syronize the time with  other equipment.