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Weekly NETS held on 146.880 2 Meters
Pulaski County   Weather Net   Sunday Nights 8:30 PM hosted by Ben  KK4JPX , Lloyd WD4IUV.
Simplex Emergency Net 146.880 Simplex Frequency, after the Sunday night Weather Net
Hosted by Ben KK4JPX
LCARA 2 Meter Emergency Net   Tuesday Nights 8:30 PM hosted by  Wanda  WM4LM ,  Brian

NET held on 145.010 Packet Net Sunday Nights 7:30 PM hosted by  Ben KK4JPX
NET held on 28.350 USB 10 Meters  (alternate 28.355)
LCARA 10 Meter Emergency Net   Thursday Nights 8:30 PM hosted by  Ben KK4JPX,

Note:  Guest host for these Nets  are:  KN4VXS, KY4BDP

Note: all times are Eastern.  
All Ham's welcome to Check-IN.     73's
Editor:  Wanda Munsey  WM4LM

Phone: (606) 871-0172
Cell:     (606) 416-3144
If you have pictures from events or meetings and would like to share
email to:  Thanks.
Our LCARA club meetings are held on the 4th Monday of each Month:  attend the meetings and get
involved in the club and all its various activities.  Our meeting location is  The Community Room, 1st
Christian Church Somerset KY 42503 we are usually there by 6:30PM, From - 7:00 PM  to 7:30PM VE
testing or general conservation. Meeting begins at 7:30PM.
All amateurs are welcome, should you wish to become a member see the printable application on this
website and follow instructions.
July 4, 2020 *88*
July 18, 2020 Monticello/EMComm

Hands on with LCARA***
July 20, 2020

VE Testing *
July 24, 2020

LCARA Meeting *
July 27, 2020

*Community Room
1st Christian Church
1115 Hwy 39
Somerset, KY 42503

**Fellowship Hall
1st Christian Church

*** 45 Crabapple Lane
Somerset, KY 42503
DEAD POOL fund raiser.  
Several members have participated in this event.
KK4YUG has not of this date June 23, 2020 pealed off the
protective sticker on his new radio.

Thanks to all participants.  If you have not mailed you dollars
please do so to LCARA  600 S Hwy 837  Ingle KY 42544.
HANDS on with LCARA our first event was June 15, 2020
We had 16 in attendance, worked on Anderson power
pole connectors/cables.
The next Hands on will be July 20, 2020--bring your HF
radio and learn proper usage of your radio.
Note: will have a special page for this on the Web site
see the Home page for the button.
Please make note of the new email address for WM4LM  effective immediately.

I will no longer be sending out reminders or special
announcements to all members as we now have several
social media outlets.  Check the home page of this site
for access to Face Book, YouTube, we also have
Instagram, local NET's see bottom of this page for
times etc.  See Schedule for all Events on this website.
Any questions send me a email &  I will reply.
If you ordered any LCARA clothing items, here is the status on them.
We are currently changing supplier.  New supplier is updating our LOGO and
once we approve this we will place our order.
Our EmComm trailer decals/wrap coming from this supplier also.  We are
keeping it all local.
We currently have two projects in the works.
1.  New Repeater for the Monticello site.
2.  EmComm trailer decals/wrap.
We have several who have donated to these
projects.  All donations will be gladly accepted.
JUNE 2020

Exceptional busy month for LCARA.  Lots of weekly workdays and Saturday workdays.
We did recycle all our old batteries we had stock piled, Superior Battery came out and looked them over and hauled
them for recycling, monies earned from this was put on the Monticello Repeater.

New 440 Antenna installed at 88 site, Dstar equipment installed, the building has been prepped for painting.
Lots of progress has been made to the EmComm trailer, check out the YouTube video,s for updates.

Started a new program: HANDS on with LCARA  June 15, 2020 this will be held on the third Monday of each month
going forward.  Make plans to attend we had lots of fun learning and meeting some new Hams.

Special events taking place through out the year beginning with Field Day on June 27.

Committee's were formed:  1.  Young People KN4VXS.  2.  Monticello Repeater KY4BDP. 3.  Community Outreach
W4PBW.  4.  Social Media  KY4CKP.  5. Membership & Dstar  KK4KTV.