Weekly NETS held on 146.880 2 Meters
Pulaski County   Weather Net   Sunday Nights 8:30 PM hosted by Ben  KK4JPX , Brian KY4BDP.
Simplex Emergency Net 146.880 Simplex Frequency, after the Sunday night Weather Net
Hosted by Ben KK4JPX and Brian KY4BDP
LCARA 2 Meter Emergency Net   Tuesday Nights 8:30 PM hosted by  Steve KK4YUG, Austin AC4AG, Wanda  WM4LM as fill-in
NET held on 145.010 Packet Net Sunday Nights 7:30 PM hosted by  Ben KK4JPX
NET held on 28.350 USB 10 Meters  (alternate 28.355)
LCARA 10 Meter Emergency Net   Thursday Nights 8:30 PM hosted by  Ben KK4JPX

Note:  Guest host for these Nets  are:  KN4VXS, KY4CKP

Note: all times are Eastern.  
All Ham's welcome to Check-IN.     73's
If you have pictures from events or meetings and would like to share email to:  Thanks.
Our LCARA club meetings are held on the 4th Monday of each Month:  attend the meetings and get
involved in the club and all its various activities.  Our meeting location is  The Community Room, 1st
Christian Church Somerset KY 42503 we are usually there by 6:30PM, From - 7:00 PM  to 7:30PM VE
testing or general conservation. Meeting begins at 7:30PM.
All amateurs are welcome, should you wish to become a member see the printable application on this
website and follow instructions.

Hands on just completed the "Dummy Load" project.  Our Big 5K winner was KI5IQE in Texas. who got the original of the dummy load we built.  More builds to come.

If you are a Ham and looking for a club- come visit LCARA --printable application on the L C A R A Lake Cumberland Amateur Radio ssociation web site we would love to have you join us.

Some of the up coming events are
June 1 "Sample of Somerset"
June 3  KYQSO party
June 24-25 Summer Field Day  
July 8 LCARA Potluck 
Aug 4 Annual POTA
Aug 26 Annual Fish Fry
and more.  LCARA a club on the move.

Well folks, that about wraps it for this months news.  I hope you are

hamming It Up this Summer and will join us for some of our workdays, meetings, Hands on with LCARA and Events.

73,  Wanda

See you in June for more Happenings with LCARA.

Friday May 26, 2023  LCARA News.

Latest happenings with LCARA---------

Lets begin with membership, we added two new members this onth--Welcome  Fred  awaiting his new General call sign, and Joshua awaiting his new Tech call sign.

These are just two of the ones who tested  on Friday 19 and passed their tests. Others were 1 Upgrade to General and one other new General and 1 upgrade to Extra class.

Met Johan, a ham from Belgium, who was very interested in our club and took back with him some LCARA items, to share with his other ham buddies.

Our two repeater sites are functioning well, however; we are still getting some interference from somewhere, so be patient with us, we are working as fast as we can to get the problem resolved.

Our social media, is getting great reviews, the You Tube channel has really taken off with over 5,150 subscribers--check us out with new videos from Hamvention, Tuesday Time Machine and the Friday weekly videos.  If you have any  suggestions for videos please let us know in the comment sections or go to the Contact page of this web site for ways to reach us. Thanks to KY4BDP & KY4CKP for this great asset to LCARA.  As from our contact with ON3OX from Belgium, who watches and was visiting his Son and family here in Kentucky USA.

Community outreach, is growing all the time Chad, has us scheduled for lots of new activities during the month of June, refer to our schedule calendar on this web site.  During April we didn't do much other than the workdays and we are having an impromptu workday on the 30th to work on our EMCOMM Jr. trailer--come join us at WWHQ at 9AM.

If you are looking for us at DQ on Wednesday for Breakfast--we have moved to Frisch's on US 27 South-Somerset KY 8 AM to 10 PM Just look for the New Blue LCARA Ball Caps, as our waitress calls us.  Lots of good eats.

Seems we have acquired 2 laptops, etc. and old repeaters these have been donated by Chad and Rick--Thanks Guys.